The YouTube video platform became the second app in Android history to reach 10 billion downloads. The information is from the website Android Police and can be confirmed on the tool’s own download page in the operating system’s digital store.

The service has beaten the mark that previously belonged only to Google Play Services, a set of tools and settings that is almost essential to the functioning of the Android ecosystem. Therefore, YouTube could be considered the first consumer app to reach the top.

In version 1.0, the YouTube application was already present in the first version of Android and in the first commercial device to run the operating system: the HTC Dream (also called HTC G1), from 2008.

The first Android model in history.
The first Android model in history.Source: Wikimedia Commons

Although it comes pre-installed on many phones and has even surpassed the world’s population (more than 7.8 billion people, according to February 2021 UN data), the count takes into account updates, purchase of more than one device. by users and other factors.