Google seems to prepare a tool that will allow the migration of data, such as Whatsapp conversations, from iPhones to Android phones. Until then, it is only possible to migrate data from Android to iOS, but not from messenger.

Currently, Google maintains a page called “Switch to Android” that explains how iPhone users can back up their contacts, photos, videos and calendar events using the Google Drive app.

The service isn’t as convenient and seamless as what Apple offers with the Move to iOS app for those moving to the iPhone. But Android can probably improve data migration to your phones.

How will the tool work

Data migration from iPhones to Android phones may be available soon.  (Source: 360 Gadgets/Playback)
Data migration from iPhones to Android phones may be available soon. (Source: 360 Gadgets/Playback)Source: 360 Gadgets/Playback

Recently, the latest update (version 1.0.382048734) of the Data Restore Tool app published on Google Play drew attention for containing commands with the ability to copy chats and WhatsApp history from an iOS smartphone to an Android phone.

References included “Scan QR code with your iPhone to open WhatsApp and tap Start”, “Keep your iPhone unlocked and WhatsApp open”, “Scan problems? On the iPhone, open WhatsApp, go to Settings> Chats> Move Chats to Android”, among others.

At first glance, it looks like you won’t be able to actually transfer your WhatsApp chats using Switch to the Android app itself. Instead, the app will only provide helpful instructions on how to migrate WhatsApp data using the next WhatsApp “Move Chats to Android” feature.

When will the option be available?

With Google and WhatsApp apparently working on a functional way to transfer chats from iOS to Android, the feature could be officially unveiled soon. However, so far, none of the companies have released any information about the news.

The option to transfer your iOS chats to Android will likely not appear in the Data Restore Tool until WhatsApp correctly starts the new migration settings.