The Federal Government started this Wednesday (14) the payment of the salary bonus PIS-Pasep 2020-2021 for workers entitled to the benefit born in October (in the case of PIS) or with final benefit 3 (Pasep). The dates are valid only for workers who are not Caixa or Banco do Brasil account holders, who have already had the amount credited to their account.

In the PIS alone, a social contribution aimed at workers in the private sector, more than 731 thousand born in October are entitled to withdraw the benefit, in a total of R$ 565 million provided by Caixa Econômica Federal.

PIS payments can be made using the Citizen’s Card and password at ATMs, lottery units, Caixa Aqui Correspondents and at branch counters. In the case of Pasep, those who are not BB account holders can receive the amount via TED or withdraw directly at any branch.

payment schedule

People born in the months of July to December (PIS) or with a final number between 0 and 4 (Pasep) will receive their benefits this year. Those born between January and June (PIS) and with a Pasep registration number between 5 and 9 will receive it in the first semester of 2021.

PIS Calendar

Source: CEF/Disclosure
Source: CEF/DisclosureFonte:  CEF

Pasep Calendar

Source: Banco do Brasil/Disclosure
Source: Banco do Brasil/DisclosureSource: Banco do Brasil

Source: N1/Reproduction
Source: N1/ReproductionSource: N1

Values ​​and rights

The amount of the salary bonus varies from BRL 88 to BRL 1,045, being proportional to the number of months worked during the base year 2019. The total amount is only paid to people who worked the 12 months of 2019.

All workers with a formal contract who received, on average, up to 2 minimum wages per month are entitled to the salary bonus. You must also be enrolled in PIS/Pasep for at least 5 years and have your data updated by the employer in the Annual Social Information List (Rais).

Any clarification about the PIS can be obtained by calling Caixa’s 0800-726-02-07 telephone number. The employee can also make a consultation on the website, under “Consultar Pagamento”. For this, it is necessary to inform the NIS number (PIS/Pasep).

In the case of public servants entitled to Pasep, most credits are made in checking accounts. If this has not occurred, the beneficiary must look for a BB branch and present his/her identity and NIS. More information about Pasep can be obtained by calling BB’s 0800-729-00-01.