Ten people were indicted this Thursday (3rd) in the first kidnapping case with a request for ransom in cryptocurrencies in Brazil. According to the Civil Police of Pernambuco, the crime took place on March 10 in Recife, capital of Pernambuco.

According to O Globo, the criminals targeted a financial market entrepreneur and digital bank partner who frequently trades bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

The Pernambuco police claim that the leader of the kidnapping gang is a former intern at Caixa Econômica Federal and, therefore, had experience with the type of economy used in crime. Specifically, the businessman was kidnapped outside a business building known as Excelsior, home of an investment startup.

Delegate Paulo Berenguer, from the Pernambuco Special Operations Group (GOE-DRACCO), the criminals “asked for an absurd amount of cryptocurrencies during the kidnapping and negotiated with the company’s partners and the businessman’s relatives (…) They sell the cryptocurrencies for below market value and start trading that way. Assuming they got the value of one million reais, for example, they would sell for R$500,000 on the darknet”.

The Civil Police of Pernambuco believes that this was the first ransom demanded in cryptocurrencies through kidnapping in Brazil, however, it was not the gang’s first crime — a life of ostentation was revealed on social networks.

Despite this, mistakes were made by criminals, facilitating the investigative work. According to Berenguer, “the group had many flaws in the execution of the kidnapping and all the suspects were identified”, as payments for post-kidnapping luxury car rentals were made via Pix, which generated ballast.

The Pernambuco police also discovered that a gang from São Paulo helped in the kidnapping.

do not confuse

This was a case of physical abduction. On the internet, we have ransomware: a type of virus that hijacks your computer’s files and demands a quantity of cryptocurrencies as ransom. Learn more about it here.